About Us 2

About Us

We are the Neofold-Academy! 

The founders Andres S., Marbod K. and Bernd R. founded the Neofold-Academy as a transition from what was formerly known as MovNat München. 

The Neofold-Academy is based in Germany, but stands as an Online Platform to create a community of people of many different backrounds and nationalities. Connected through the ambition to improve our health, our mindset and to connect to share our thoughts and practices. 

In our effort to improve health and performance through the combination of poweful methods, we have created this platform to offer you Online Live Training, Online Live workshops and courses and Retreats in Berlin and Austria. We will constantly add new products and content to this website. 

We use tools such as Breathing Methods, Natural Movement and NeuroMeditation. 

Neofold for us is about tapping into our capabilities and reshaping our narrative of health and performance. 

We hope you will be part of our journey of self-discovery and improvement. 

See you soon!


If you want to know more about Andres, Bernd and Marbod, use the button below. 


Our Vision


Our vision is to: 

  • To teach our approach to holistic health 
  • To improve performance 
  • To built a global community of people from all stages in life, to help each other to get better, to share knowledge and ideas
  • To reduce impact of mismatch diseases
  • To provide tools for poeple to help themselves to become healthy, resilient and fit.
  • To get people outside of their comfort zone 
We want to built the Neofold-Academy to become the platform to achieve exactly that. We hope you will become part of that Journey.

Our Values

  1. Community: We want to create a powerful community with people that are motivated and inspired to join us on the journey of health and performance.
  2. Health: We want to restore Health and teach methods that help people to remain healthy. 
  3. Performance: We not only want to restore Health, but help people grow beyond what they thought they where capable of.