Natural Movement

Natürliche Bewegung

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What is MovNat?

What is MovNat? MovNat:

MovNat is a fitness method that emphasizes practical evolutionary and innate human performance. Humans are designed to survive in a complex physical environment. To survive in nature, to grow with nature and to be strong and confident through nature is the legacy of an evolution that since the origin of life, has taken a natural development, but through the agricultural revolution and all the revolutions that followed, has not left much of the naturalness of man. Mismatch – Evolutionary Trap – Zoo Human. A problem with incalculable complex consequences on the human organism.

MovNat teaches first of all, the efficient execution of natural movement skills, the training of techniques that are innate to us, movements to which we and instinctively connected: Ground positions, ground movements such as crawling, standing up, walking, balancing, running, lifting/carrying, throwing/catching, jumping, climbing, swimming and fighting. These are unmistakably the germs of all types of movement that man has developed in his unwritten and written history, but which we now use and think we know as abstract terms such as sports and fitness. But these terms are completely alienated from the actual germ. It is about isolated parts like muscles and endurance, heart and brain, methods of competitive sports, aids from physiotherapy and consumer goods are used to make people believe that only through this health and happiness can be achieved. But does it make people feel better? 

MovNat is the staple of the human musculoskeletal system, of which people who sit too much get just as little as high-performance athletes. Everyone is affected by the deprivation of natural movement abilities and improvement through conventional methods of sport, fitness and physiotherapy is usually the proven wrong approach, because it is only patchwork of a high-performance organism, which has not only been deprived of the possibilities of development, but has even lost all reference to it. Technical progress is exactly what MovNat does not want, it wants the return to harmony between body and mind and a happy soul of a thoroughly natural organism that has been created for millions of years to take care of itself.

MovNat can not only rebuild the basic physical needs of every human being and even integrate them into everyday life, it can even provide a whole new meaning to the term fitness: familiar, surprising, courageous, careful, playful, combative, demanding, relaxing, social and individual.

Finally, MovNat opens up further insights into what we have lost and how we can take back control of our health. The only thing needed is knowledge.




MovNat Workouts:

Below you can check out some of our Natural Movement workouts to see for yourself how you like the MovNat training system

Workout Advanced: 

Check out this video for some advanced MovNat training.


Ground Movements

Here are some videos that can help you to get a grasp of some of our most fundamental movements.

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