Natural Running

What is Natural Running?

Natural Running is our “signature move”

We are born to run. No other species on this planet can outrun humans when is comes to long distances.

Our bodies are designed to move and designed to run with utmost efficiency.

How come running often feels exhausting or yields to pain in our joints or spine?

Lifestyle mismatch

Unfortunately, our lifestyle is mismatching our genetic heritage. The way we sit and move, our unnatural environments and also our shoes and the commercials we see change the way run!

Lack of elasticity

This lifestyle can impact our efficiency in running tremendously. If we don't use our elastic system to our advantage we are wasting energy!

Lack of efficient running pattern

Our running pattern is key to our efficiency when we run.

The way we teach Natural Running, it brings you back to your human capability of running with ease, efficiency and reduce the risk of pain or injury.

We look at both your necessary flexibility and range of motion as well as different aspects of your running pattern. The right cadence, the right posture and the right foot placement are all aspects that yield to more elasticity in your running and thus gives you free energy to make use of.

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