What is NeuroMeditation?

In NeuroMeditation, millennia-old traditions merge with modern neuroscience

In the last 20 years, scientific interest in meditation has increased massively. The number of annual publications is increasing exponentially. There are now over 2000 new studies published each year showing the benefits for mind and body.

A "one-size-fits-all" meditation is a myth. Which style of meditation will help you the most?

Systematic examination of the available studies on the effects of various meditation techniques on brain functioning has revealed that there are basically only 4 distinguishable styles. All known meditation techniques can be classified into these 4 styles.

NeuroMeditation combines neuroscience and mental health. The meditation is specifically tailored to target your needs. You can actually influence how you think and feel. You can rewire your brain through neuroplasticity.

The 4 styles explained

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