The Team

The Team

Marbod Kindermann

NeuroMeditation Instructor L2, MovNat Certified Trainer L2, Natural Running Coach

Andres Santamaria

Wim Hof Instructor and MovNat Certified Trainer L3

Bernd Reicheneder

MovNat Master Trainer / Team Instructor, Primal Health Coach, Oxygen Advantage Trainer

I discovered a keen interest in natural lifestyle elements in 2010 with the continued quest to understand what it really means to be healthy for our body, our mind, and our spirit.

Even though I hold a degree in mechanical engineering, over the past decade I have delved into passions such as nutrition, breathwork, biohacking, and stress management.

On my journey to cope with my corporate stress I discovered the power of meditation and dug deeper into the brain science behind it, now helping others as a NeuroMeditation Instructor to find a meditation practice that fits their needs. 

I have always had an interest in learning more about what it means to live a healthy lifestyle. When I first started to experience panic attacks and anxiety 8 years ago I completely re-designed my life searching for balance.

I first entered the realm of breathing practices training to become a Wim Hof instructor, together with my movement training, learning MovNat, and working Online with Jon Yuen and Ido Portal’s team I have been able to mix both disciplines to heal my body from 10 years of a corporate lifestyle.  I keep on learning and deepening my knowledge so I can help others on their journeys.

I’ve been doing sports all of my life thanks to my parent’s influence. I’ve done- ski, tennis, soccer, hiking, tree climbing.
My first confrontation with real sports was at my orange belt in Shotokan Karate, where the Sensei let me pass so that I wouldn’t be too disappointed… This was the beginning, this was my kick in the ass to always give my best and be well prepared physically.

Not knowing in which direction I should go I ended up studying sports, then archaeology, and finally a better way to move than Martial Arts, Natural Movement, or the method behind it: MovNat.

This got my heart and my soul, everything I’ve done in my life converged and made sense. I feel very lucky I was found by MovNat, because if you have to look for your luck, you will not find it.