Cold Exposure

Cold Exposure

Cold exposure is one of our tools we use in our Retreats, it is used by many people across the world to improve Health, Mindset and to be present in the moment.

Why cold exposure? This starts once again with the Mismatch theory (if you have been reading through our page you will start to see a pattern). As a species we have been exposed to the natural elements for 95% of our existence. Only recently have we managed to close ourselves off from being exposed to the natural elements. We are now protected by houses, sleeping in warm beds, driving heated cars to work, showering with warm water, etc. 

We often forget that there are tremendous benefits from being exposed to Natural Elements by provoking our bodies to react, and to adapt and through that to promote our health and our resilience.

One of the persons that has championed ice baths in the recent years is Wim Hof. He has lead hundreds of thousands people to challenge themselves. Our Trainer Andres is a certified WimHof Instructor. But getting into the cold has been an ancient practice for humans, long before we adapted to our modern lifestyle.

Before you jump head first into your ice bath… It is important to understand what the potential benefits are and how to do it properly. So keep reading 😉 

Benefits of Cold Exposure
There are many benefits of being exposed to the cold, here are some of the benefits: 
  1. Improved immunsystem 
  2. Improved Sleep Quality
  3. Can help to burn fat 
  4. May help to regulate inflammation, support recovery process and strengthen sympathetic nervous system
  5. Helps to promote presence in the moment and mindfulness (Watch video below)
  6. Can help you to develop willpower and resilience


How to do it properly: 

  1. Be Safe! If you have no experience, its best to do it first with a professional at one of our retreats.
  2. Start Small. You can start by taking regular cold showers at home for 1 minute. 
  3. Prepare yourself mentally before you go in the cold. Choose how you want to react. 
  4. Calm your breathing consciously once in the cold. 
  5. Do it with others, it is easier to hold yourself accountable and much safer if you do it with others.
  6. Use Wim Hof Breathing Method regularly. 
If you want to start in a save environment with trainers at your side, you can join one of our retreats. 
Cold Exposure and Mindfulness: 

Watch this small video of one of our Online Retreats on how cold exposure leads to presence in the moment and mindfulness.