Natural Ground Movements – The Importance of Movement in Everyday Life

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Natural Ground Movements – The Importance of Movement in Everyday Life

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In a fascinating first webinar by the Neofold Academy featuring Bernd Reicheneder, the topic of Natural Ground Movements was discussed. Bernd Reicheneder provided insights into the origin and significance of movement in everyday life. This blog post summarizes the key findings of the first webinar and highlights the relevance of Natural Ground Movements for our modern lifestyle.

The Connection between Bernd Reicheneder’s Journey and Natural Ground Movements:

For over 10 years, Bernd Reicheneder has been familiar with the concept of Natural Movement/MovNat and is one of the leading global experts. His personal journey has prepared him to delve deep into this subject. Even before his involvement with the Neofold Academy, he developed his own concept, primarily used in corporate sports, which analyzes movement through tests and incorporates it directly into independent training/therapy. Natural Ground Movements is the system he has ultimately created, which is the focus of this webinar.

The Significance of Natural Ground Movements:

Natural Ground Movements represent an aspect that has gradually disappeared from our daily lives over time, despite millions of years of human development taking place on the ground—from amphibians to modern humans. In the last 100 years, a drastic change has occurred, and it continues to accelerate. Constant sitting, movement within an artificial environment, and fixation on screens have nearly displaced natural movement and breathing.

The Consequences of Modern Sedentary and Lifestyle Habits:

Modern sedentary behavior and breathing patterns pose an essential, even existential problem that contradicts our evolutionary history, leading to various unexplained issues. The technologization of our lives has become the societal norm without questioning it. Countless physical and mental problems make us reliant on dubious methods of conventional medicine, the fitness industry, and dietary trends, resulting in mere disease management. However, the most crucial aspect remains unnoticed: an awareness that our organism is part of nature and that, fundamentally, we are behaving less as we should.

The Complexity of Natural Ground Movements:

Natural Ground Movements are the antithesis of rigid sitting. Practical, playful, and social activities took place on the ground over millions of years. The complexity of these activities lies in the constant need for changing positions, with each position leading to various pathways, each with its own functional effects on bones, muscles, fascia, the brain, and the respiratory system. The complexity of the ground as a movement space decreases as humans stand and walk on two legs. However, they have evolved on a solid, flexible, strong, adaptable, and reliable foundation to continue growing in an unfathomable complexity.

The Importance of Movement in Everyday Life:

Movement is an essential component of a healthy and active lifestyle. A nature-influenced organism can only find a deficient substitute through fitness and is no longer prepared for physically active sports, often leading to acute or chronic problems. Natural Ground Movements provide the opportunity to utilize our bodies in diverse movement patterns and intensities, initially consciously and controlled on the ground, ensuring safety, until it becomes intuitive and natural behavior again.


  • Natural Ground Movements are an area that is often neglected in everyday life, despite being an important part of our human developmental history.
  • Modern sedentary behavior has distanced us from natural movements, affecting our physical and mental health and mobility.
  • Natural Ground Movements offer diverse movement patterns and training effects that can replace exploratory, playful, and therapeutic fitness training.
  • Through regular ground-based movement combined with natural breathing, we can not only strengthen our muscles, improve our mobility, and promote a healthy posture but also heal our organism.
  • Integrating Natural Ground Movements into our daily lives leads to better health, self-confidence, and a more active and holistic approach to managing our well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You can sit or squat on the ground more frequently instead of solely relying on chairs.
Utilize the ground as a seating option during meals or engage in small exercises and movements on the floor.
We offer free online training every Thursday at 7:00 PM.

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